No One Wants to be Your First Customer

I consider myself a pretty stylish guy. When I’m clothes shopping, I don’t yield to my girlfriend for her opinion on if I’m picking out the right things. I curate my closet and make the decision on what to wear.

I was shoe shopping about 2 weeks ago when I came across an incredible pair of brown wing tips. A beautiful set of shoes that I must have. My girlfriend, who was with me in the store, looked at me in almost disgust when I went to pick the shoes up. “I dont know if I like those” she said, “Do you really like those?”.

She was respecting my feelings. She didn’t want me to look like an idiot in these shoes. But remember, I don’t care what she thinks about my shoes. I know a great shoe when I see it. I bought the shoes and wore the hell out of them the next weekend for a wedding we attended together.

I met her at the church (she was a bridesmaid and was there much earlier) the morning of the wedding. She had asked what I would be wearing the days prior, but I didn’t mention the new wingtips would be on my feet. As I walked in, I was greeted by another friend, also a bridesmaid. Afer saying hello she immediately complimented me on my shoes. “Those are sharp! Where did you get those?”.

I finally got to see my girlfriend after the ceremony before we headed to the reception. She was standing with a friend and introduced me. I’m a gentleman and ask how they both enjoyed the ceremony and did they need a ride to the reception. After polite conversation the girl complimented on my shoes…stating they looked great with my suit.

During the reception, I danced with my girlfriend and as the night slowly winded down and we were able to talk more, she noted how handsome I looked. I reminded her how much she didn’t like my shoes when I bought them, yet I was “handsome” in them now. She replied…

” What?? I never said! I’m the one who insisted you get them! I think I’m the one who picked them out, right?”

A few lessons to be learned here.

  1. If you curate your closet (or life, or product, or brand) and you’re doing okay, keep doing it. You will get better with experience and practice. You also won’t get a terrible mix of a bunch of bullshit you “sorta” like.
  2. No one wants to be the first customer. Have a great business idea you want to pitch? Tell the first client you pitch that his competitor is already on board and you are seeking others right now. Chelsea didn’t like my shoes until her friends did. She needed confirmation.
  3. Group debate and forums don’t always get the best result. Sometimes a key decision maker with the right vision will make the right decision. Take Steve Jobs, for example.
  4. Always dance with your lady at weddings.

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